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Sol argilo-calcaire
7 parcels.
Les Brelances: 32 ouvrées (3.38 acres) planted in 1966 and 2003
Les Grands Champs: 8 ouvrées (0.85 acre) planted in 1990
Les Nosroyes: 8 ouvrées (0.85 acre) planted in 1967
Les Reuchaux: 8 ouvrées (0.85 acre) planted in 1989
La Rue aux Vaches: 8 ouvrées (0.85 acre) planted in 1963
Les Tremblots: 40 ouvrées (4.23 acres) planted in 1955,1970,1972,1979 and 1982
Les Houlières: 4.5 ouvrées (0.48 acre) planted in 1980.
Surface: 4ha 64a (11.47 acres).

Method of culture

Long, gentle pneumatic pressing, decanting over 24 hours, then
racking and running into cask of the must. Alcoholic fermentation in oak casks, 18% new (maxi 1/2 Vosges, mini 1/2 Allier).
Maturing: after 12 months in cask, the wine is aged 6 months in tank where it is prepared for bottling. Homeopathic fining and very light filtering if necessary.

Grape variety


Wine making

Manual harvesting with grape sorting and optimisation of choice of date through parcel-by-parcel ripeness monitoring.