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The 2016 Vintage

The winter of 2015-2016 was very mild and dry
overall. There was never a full day of frost
during the season. By early April the growing
period was already in progress, and by mid-April
the vine was at the stage where 2 to 3 leaves
were present with some beautiful buds.

However, severe rainfall on the night of
the 26th of April ensued, along with a drop
in temperature below zero in the early hours of
the 27th, and a sunny morning. The combination
of vine precocity, the humidity and the sun caused
"burning" of the buds across the hillside and
even more severely on the premiers and the
grands crus. The consequence was severe: a loss
between 20% and 80% of the harvest.

In Montrachet, it was 90% of the buds that were burnt.

The very rainy months of May and June that followed
favoured the development of mildew on
the weak vines. Luckily the sun arrived on the
21st of June at the beginning of flowering which
then occurred very quickly. The sun, the heat and
the beautiful weather would then remain until harvest,
allowing us to obtain beautiful grapes from those
parcels that were not as affected. Very beautiful
quality but so little!

The harvest begun on the 21st of September.

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