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The 2015 Harvest

The grapes maturation was exceptionally swift this year. This will lead us to start the harvest on August 28. This is the third time in history that we will begin the harvest in Puligny in August and the second earliest harvest ever (2011 began August 25 and 2003, on August 30).

After a flower that went very well, under a bright sun, at the beginning of June, the vines grew rapidly, helped by a few days of rain fall in the middle of the month. July brought a strong and lasting heat wave in Puligny for most of the month. Temperatures rose steadily with many days above 30 degrees Celsius during the day and often up to 35°C and 36 °C.

The rainfall of early August re-started the maturation process in Puligny. The Macon estate, on the other hand, did not benefit from the rainfall and berries were a little less fleshy than Puligny. The fact remains that, just before the harvest, the vines were beautiful in both vineyards and in an excellent state of health.

The Domaine team fully anticipated this early harvest and organised a seamless logistical support for the team of over 70 pickers plus a dozen people in the winery.

The harvest began in Puligny in a scorching atmosphere the first three days. It continued in a cooler environment after a slight stormy episode punctuated with a few raindrops initially announced as more violent and abundant than it eventually arose.

The yield in Puligny this year is very satisfactory and above that of the previous three years. The heat wave during the summer and low rainfall in the spring limited the yield of the Premier and Grand Crus while the vineyards at the foot of the hill (Bourgogne and Village) have maintained a good performance. In Macon, the yield is slightly more modest than that of last year as the estate did not benefit from the June rainfall as Puligny did.

The grape's health was simply spotless this year with no trace of botrytis, oïdium or mildew. Maturities across both are accomplished with an excellent degree and a good acidity given the accelerated maturation of the end of August.

All the right conditions are met to make of 2015 a great vintage.

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