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The 2013 Vintage

The winter of 2012/13 was long and wet rather than harsh but there were frosts up until the beginning of April.

The vine began budding timidly in mid-April, two weeks behind the norm. The end of the month and the beginning of May saw a significant amount of rainfall. The soils were saturated and occasionally under water- we saw ducks swimming in the vineyards!

May remained fresh and wet, with the vines now three weeks behind the norm. June seemed more clement in terms of rainfall but everything is relative. The first flowers appeared on 17th June but the good weather only lasted until the night of 19th June when there was a strong storm with a lot of rain. The following days, with mid-flower noted around 21st-24th June, were also far from ideal for flowering, leading to coulure and millerandage.

July saw further storms, notably on 23rd with hail stretching from Meursault to Ladoix with Puligny being lightly touched too. August however brought excellent conditions for the vine and maturity progressed well. September, where rainfall was still a feature, stayed warm and damp until the end and we began to harvest on 28th for a period of eight days.

The alcoholic fermentations were long. In the spring, aided by the rise in temperatures, the malolactic fermentations got going and were finished by the time the summer of 2014 was through. During their time in barrel, the wines have gained precision. At the beginning of their second winter, they show a lovely purity, loyal to the terroirs whence they spring. They have an energetic line based on minerality and acidity which gives them a lovely tension as well as length on the palate.

We suggest that you can begin to enjoy them:
Bourgogne Blanc- from 2016
Puligny Montrachet and the Premier Crus- from 2018
Grands Crus- from 2019
Montrachet- from 2021

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