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Weather conditions from November to March were characterised by a period of intense drought.
High temperatures during the vegetative period and low rainfall enabled rapid vegetation growth.
Very early flowering occurred during the last days of May.
Up till the harvest, the vines enjoyed weather favourable to their development.
A bit of fine rainfall at the end of August was very beneficial, offsetting the first signs of drought.
The harvest began at the Domaine on 17 September: ripe grapes were harvested in sunshine, with average natural degrees of 14° in all parcels.
The earliness of the harvest was similar to that of the 1989 and 1990 vintages.
Power, opulence and ripe fruit: the wines had aromas of honey and toast, together with rare harmony and a silky texture.

The potential is exceptional, without doubt the highest since 1964 or even 1953.

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