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Puligny-Montrachet & Mâcon- Verzé

Puligny-Montrachet 2006 vintage
In 2005-2006, winter began early, was cold, and lasted a long time!
The first frosts occurred in mid-November and, with the exception of several days at the start of December and in mid-February, continued on a regular basis until 19 March.
Temperatures plunged to -15° C on 30 December.
The period was marked by frequent snow showers, though they didn't cover the ground for long or accumulate substantially. The winter thus registered a hydric deficit.

March was damp, with an accumulation of 136 mm, while April had varied weather.
May was cool, though disrupted by storms, causing considerable risks of mildew.
It wasn't until 8 June that the vines enjoyed the warmth and sunshine favourable to flowering. Lovely summer weather then set in until 31 July. Thanks to this, flowering was over in record time and the fruit set was precocious. The grapes fattened quickly, and the grape bunches were fully formed by 10-12 July.
On the other hand, August was damp and cold.

September, however, was marvellously sunny and bright, fully justifying its reputation as a month of quality. The weather remained dry, with beautiful days at the high temperatures favourable for excellent grape ripening.
The patches of botrytis that had started to develop in August stabilised.
The harvest ran from 20 to 27 September.
The Chardonnays, which were very ripe and which could have toppled over quickly into over-ripeness, had to be followed closely and harvested in the correct order.

The balance of the musts was very good, and fermentation went smoothly.
Initial tastings showed off the wines' highlights, with lots of aromas of fine ripe fruit.

Maturing has been problem-free, with the first racking off at 11-12 months, and bottling planned for late winter/early spring, as usual.

The wines have delivered what they promised: they are fine, elegant and nicely ripe, characteristic of their respective terroirs and typically Burgundian.

They can be enjoyed, as the earliest, as follow:
Bourgogne Blanc from 2008
Puligny-Montrachet from 2009
Premiers Crus from 2010
Grands Crus from 2012
Montrachet from 2015

Mâcon- Verzé 2006 vintage
The 2006 vintage was the harvest of the third and last year of conversion to biodynamics.
The winter was fairly mild, with the start of normal budburst at the beginning of April.
At the outset the summer was very hot (mid-June, July), with good flowering. On the other hand, the month of August was rainy and cold.
Fortunately, good weather set in at the start of September to ensure good grape ripening.
The harvest took place from 24 September to 1 October during mild weather.
The total harvest came to 260 barrels.

The musts were vinified in Puligny-Montrachet, in a variety of tanks: enamelled steel, stainless steel and cement.
Alcoholic fermentation was fairly slow, with the first finishing at the start of November and the last in the spring of 2007.
The wine was matured for 15 months, with bottling at end-2007. It shows beautiful balance, increasingly intense mineral tones, and very fine, delicate floral notes.

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