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January saw several days of heavy frost towards the end of the month, within the context of a winter that was mild on the whole. With the start of spring and normal temperatures for the season, budburst occurred at the usual time.
The month of May was definitely a summery one, with temperatures 6°C higher than normal seasonal values. Vegetation proliferated, making the vines sensitive to mildew. Fortunately, the biodynamic programme established some years ago, vigilance, and regular vineyard treatments made it possible to curb this problem satisfactorily.
June was also hot, although much closer to normal. With scant rainfall, flowering took place early under very good conditions. July was not nearly as favourable: stormy with very little sunshine and 20 days of rainfall. Fortunately, by this time the vines were much less sensitive to inclement weather. Summer returned with August, including a heat wave during the second week. Ripening was off to a good start. September began on a cool note, warming up subsequently although with a few storms. On the whole, however, it was fine weather until the 25th, making it possible to harvest under good conditions from the 16th to the 23rd . The wines, made from well-ripened grapes, are elegant, with lovely fruity aromas. As maturing progresses, the solid palate is emerging increasingly, giving excellent overall balance.

The wines of the 2000 vintage will be ready for drinking at the earliest:
• From 2003 for the "Bourgogne blanc" and the Puligny-Montrachet Village wines
• From 2004 for the Clavoillon 1er cru
• From 2005 for the Folatières and Combettes 1ers crus
• From 2006 for the Pucelles 1er cru
• From 2007 for the grands crus. The wines should be opened for aeration a minimum of 3 hours before drinking.

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