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Apart from minor frosts at the end of December and a 10-day cold spell at end-February, the autumn and winter were very mild (a high of 16° C on 7 January).
March was very rainy, with little sunshine. Spring ploughing was delayed until April.
The year was marked by strong though temporary variations in temperature, rainfall and sunshine.
Within this difficult context, the vines managed all the same to peacefully prepare the harvest.
Vegetation growth started very early (end-March), followed by three weeks of stagnation, and then normal evolution in May (no frost) and June (good flowering).
July saw some high temperatures, causing a bit of burn on grapes exposed to the sun.
A storm on 2 August brought some hail. Damage was limited but required particular precautions at harvest time: careful sorting of the grapes.
The ripening process, initially rapid in August, slowed down at the start of September. It was necessary to wait several extra days and the return of more favourable weather, with harvesting from 22 to 29 September.
The musts obtained have very good degrees of alcohol and solid acidity, but with a predominance of malic acid.
This is a serious vintage of good constitution, with the reserve that will ensure good ageing.

You can enjoy the wines of the 2001 vintage at the earliest in:
• 2004 for Bourgogne Blanc
• 2005 for Puligny-Montrachet Village
• 2007 for the Premiers Crus
• 2009 for the Grands Crus
• 2015 for Le Montrachet
Aeration in carafe is indispensable in compensating for premature opening of the wines: at the minimum, 3 hours in advance; at best, the evening before.

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