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1997 : September with a smile !
After an exceptionally mild, dry period in March and April, vegetal growth was hit by the spring frosts.
The 1997 vintage was characterised by curious swings between weather that was drier and hotter than usual and periods of extreme cold and damp. Summer finally appeared at the end of July and finished in grand style in September, with lovely warm weather and blue skies.
The harvest took place between 15 and 21 September under summery sunshine.
Not surprisingly, the natural alcohol degree levels were superb. The balance in the wines from the 1997 vintage clearly illustrates the importance of a viticultural approach that respects Nature.
The 1997 wines are worth smiling about: honey, white flowers, ripe and dried fruit, spices and minerals.

It's a great temptation to rush into enjoying them, and they'll certainly be ready to drink before the 1996s. But do give them a little time; at the earliest:
• 2001 for the village wines
• 2004 for the premiers crus
• 2009 for the grands crus
The 1997s will offer you a few pleasant surprises along the way as they mature in bottle.
Finally, the only real risk the wines of the 1997 vintage run is consumer impatience…

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